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Areas of Emphasis

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” A Word from the Board of Education President “

On behalf of the Board of Education, I invite you to become a part of East St. Louis School District 189. Whether you are a staff member, a parent, a community member, a volunteer or just an interested party who values high quality education for all children, there is a place for you in District 189. Your input and your efforts are needed.

We have a rich history of graduating young people who become legendary figures in music, dance, medicine, law, business, writing, and athletics. These successful graduates span many decades. The 2011 student achievement results from the Illinois State Board of Education demonstrate that we continue to prepare children for success in life. Just consider the following:

  • Of only six schools in the entire state of Illinois to earn Spotlight School Awards and Academic Improvement Awards, two of them (Alta Sita and Annette Officer Elementary Schools) are in District 189.
  • Of only nine middle schools in the state to earn the Academic Improvement Award, one of them (Mason/Clark Middle School) is in District 189.
  • One of the 458 Academic Excellence Schools (Brown Elementary School) is in District 189, but it has a distinction that many of the others do not. Over 61 percent of the Academic Excellence Schools in Illinois enroll less than 15 percent of their students from low-income homes. Brown Elementary School enrolls 100 percent of its students from low-income homes.
  • Lilly Freeman Elementary School posted the highest scores on the ISAT (Illinois Student Achievement Test) in St. Clair County.

We plan to build on this trend of academic success despite the challenges of decreasing revenue from state and federal funding. Our community is doing all that is possible to support our schools, but our local tax base is one of the lowest in the state. Our citizens support our schools, but they cannot fund them alone.


Our school district is adapting to diminishing revenues, but we are not compromising on quality. Our staff and our students are some of the most outstanding in the nation. We are on a journey to prove that we can continue our rich heritage despite changing financial circumstances. You can be a part of this journey. Please contact me, any other Board member, or a member of the administrative team to learn how you can help. I thank you for your continued support of East St. Louis School District 189.


Yours in Service,
Lonzo Greenwood, President
East St. Louis School District 189 Board of Education

East St. Louis School District 189 Board of Education Members

Marquetta McAfee, Board Member

Lonzo Greenwood, Board President
Kinnis Williams, Vice-President
Irma Golliday, Board Secretary
Victoria Clay, Board Treasurer
R.C. Clark, Board Member
Antonia Ingram, Board Member
Marquitta McAfee, Board Member

Areas of Emphasis

The East St. Louis School District Board of Education is committed to providing exemplary educational opportunities for ALL students. To accomplish this goal, quality professional development must be provided for all staff district wide. Partnerships with parents and community members must continue to be actively developed in order to engage all stakeholders as the school district strives for educational excellence.

All students will continue to improve their performance in all areas of academic performance.

Research based curriculum and instructional practices will be implemented to support students becoming proficient learners.

Safety practices for students, staff, and community continued.

A collaborative approach continued between parents, staff, students, and community partners to develop, modify, and implement the school improvement plans based on data and research.

The District Comprehensive Technology Plan will be implemented as appropriate.

The District Instructional Technology Plan will be developed and aligned to state standards.

Qualifications for Election to the Board of Education

School Board member must be, on the date of election, a United States citizen at least 18 years of age, a resident of Illinois and the District for at least one year immediately preceding election, a registered voter, be neither a school trustee nor a school treasurer, and not be a child sex offender as defined in State law. A School Board member must also have filed an economic interest statement as required by the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act.


Some persons may be ineligible for School Board membership by reason of other public offices held or certain types of state or federal employment.

 Photographs of LaVondia Neely and Irma Golliday,  by Erica M. Brooks