Pupil Personnel Department

Pupil Personnel Department


The fundamental role of Pupil Personnel Services is to help elementary and secondary schools to provide optimum teaching and learning conditions for all persons involved.

Pupil Personnel Services include by definition:

  • school counseling
  • school social work
  • school nursing
  • health services

These services are organized to meet the needs of all students and to support the educational program of the schools.


School District 189′s Pupil Personnel Services specialists:

  • school counselors
  • school nurses
  • health aide
  • health technicians
  • school social workers
    • attendance officers
    • crossing guards
    • homeless liaisons

Our members operate relatively independently of each other in terms of job descriptions and responsibilities. Yet, the specific skills of each of the aforementioned disciplines are meshed into a collaborative effort with one essential purpose:effectively identifying and meeting the needs of the students in District #189. Thus, there is the team approach in which these specialists share their knowledge and work together to provide coordinated services for the students and their parents.

Alonzo Nelson Sr.