Career & Technical Education

Career & Technical Education Department


Is a system designed to help all young people make a successful transition from school to the workplace. Successful Careers programs have three parts:

1. School-Based Learning: Young people learn math, science, language arts, technology and other essential skills for the world of work.

2. Work-Based Learning: Young people gain practical experiences and training.

3. Connecting Activities: These create links among employers, schools, teachers, students and others in the community.

The Goals of the Career & Technical Education Department of East St. Louis School District #189 are:

  • 1. To provide high quality Career & Technical Education Programs that are taught and accessible to all students.
  • 2. To provide access to every student the opportunity to benefit from our educational system, which is responding to the rapidly changing, needs of the world of work.


Our program objectives are geared toward assisting the students in mastering the knowledge and skills for successful entry into gainful employment or for further education. It is our sincere hope that parents, faculty, support staff and mostly students share this responsibility. As responsible citizens, our students will constantly face many challenges. It is our responsibility and we accept it to continually inspire our students to achieve their full potentials.

Vision Statement:

In the 21st century, there must be a broad based agreement that the education we provide for our children will determine America’s future role in the community of nations, the character of our society and the quality of our individual lives. Education has become the most important responsibility of our nation and our state, with an imperative for bold new directions and renewed commitments.

As we meet the global challenges of this responsibility, we as a school district must provide the leadership necessary to guarantee access to a system of high-quality public education. The Career Development System will develop in all residents the challenge to lead productive and fulfilling lives in a complex and changing society. All students will be provided appropriate and adequate opportunities to learn to:

  • Communicate with words, numbers, visual images, symbols and sounds;
  • Think analytically and creatively and be able to solve problems to meet personal, social and academic needs;
  • Develop physical and emotional well-being;
  • Contribute as citizens in local, state, national and global communities;
  • Work independently and cooperatively in groups;
  • Understand and appreciate the diversity of our world and the interdependence of its people;
  • Contribute to the economic well-being of society, and continue to learn throughout their lives.